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Coaxial Cable Connector RG6 RG59 RCA Compression Tool

Product Code: Compression Tool
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Crimping Tool Coaxial Cable Tool Compression Tool Crimper For Coaxial F Connector RG6 Cable

Good Quality  Crimping Tool Connector Compression Tool Crimper For Coaxial F Connector RG6 RG59 Coaxial Cable

Universal F Compression/Crimping Tool.

Pre-calibrated and easy to use.

Works with RG-6, RG-59, RG-58, compression connectors.

Compatible with almost all connectors

Perfect for Satellite TV, CATV, Home Theater, and Security.

Permanent connection so your connector never comes loose.


1.Insert the stripped cable into the connector make sure the cable is inserted to the end.

2.Place connector with cable into the tool's holder.

3.Squeeze handles.

4.Remove the crimped connector from the tool 

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