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5G Anti Interference Satellite LNBF C Band LNB

Product Code: 5G Anti Interference
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    Features :

    Easy Installation, Scalar ring included
    Environmentally sealed and moisture resistant
    A broad passband with low insertion loss & high stopband rejection
    5G Interference C-Band LNB with single cable solution technology
    Rejects 4G/5G terrestrial interference in C-Band signals


    Model Number : BW-CD143742

    Input Frequency : 3.7-4.2GHz

    Customization : Option 3.4-4.2G

    Local Frequency : 5150MHz

    Output Frequency : 950-1450MHz

    L.O. Stability: ±1.5MHz

    Noise Figure :<17°K typ

    Gain :>65dB typ

    Gain Flatness :±1 dBm (max)

    Input VSWR :2.5:1 (max)

    Output VSWR :2.0:1 (max)

    Connector :F-type female

    Output Impedance :75Ω

    Cross Polar Isolation :20dB (min)

    Image Rejection :45dB (min)

    Phase Noise :-75dB/Hz@10kHz (max)

    Supply Voltage :11.5-14.0V (Vertical Polarization) 16.0-19.0V (Horizontal Polarization)

    Operation Temperature :- 40 ℃ to +70℃

    Storage Temperature :- 40 ℃ to +80℃

    Relative Humidity :0% ~ 95%

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