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Splitter 4 Way Coaxial Cable Splitter, Dialog TV RG6 Compatible, 4 Port Coax Splitter for Satellite, Cable TV, Antenna System, High Speed Internet and MoCA Network, Corrosion Resistant 5-2400MHz

Product Code: 4 Way Coaxial Cable Splitter
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  • 4-Way Wide Band Satellite Splitter Frequency Range: 2 - 2400 MHz
  • Insertion Loss: 10 dB max 500 mA DC Passing
  • Diode Steered Protection Dual Grounding Ports
  • High Isolation EMI > 75 dB

This digital Coax Splitter is designed for use with HD TV signals, satellite TV, and high speed internet modems as well as cable TV, and cable box, or antenna into multiple outgoing signals.

NOTE: You should have proper technical Knowledge to fix this item and configure it properly to function. So if you have no knowledge of this item and signal frequencies pls don't buy. If you bought this not functioning as expected pls don't leave negative comments saying NOT WORKING. 

4-Way Splitter 5-2400MHz F-Type

This 4-way Signal Splitter splits a coaxial video signal from cable TV, antenna or a VCR for connection to 4 TVs/VCRs.


- Input: 1x Coaxial Female

- Output: 4x Coaxial Female

- Frequency: 2.4 GHz (2400 MHz) 75 Ohm

- Plating: Nickel plated

- Heavy duty four way splitter

- With grounding block and screw mount

- Allows 4 units to be operated from one source

- Accepts coaxial 'F' Type fittings

- Epoxy-sealed back-cover anti-corrosion plating

- Antenna splitter - F connector (F) - F connector (F)

- DC power-passing

- Cast-in ground block

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