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TOMZN Din Rail Weekly 7 Days Programmable Digital TIME SWITCH Relay Timer Control 30A AC 220V 230V

Product Code: TOMZN Programmable Digital Timer Switch
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  • 7 days 24 hours programmable switch timer that can control electronic equipment as programmed. 16 ON + 16 OFF timer settings that can be done easily.
  • Control your electronic device, turn them on or off via timer switch. This will ease your work and will help you save energy and money.
  • With in-built 1.2V battery, the timer can save set programs ever after power failure.
  • Control streetlights, electric cooker, air conditioner, lamp, water heater, agricultural facilities, etc. Automate them so you don’t have to worry about turning them ON or OFF.

Technical Data:



Temp.range: -20°C+50°C

Power Supply: accorind your order

Power consumption 4.5 VA (MAX)

Display: LCD

Switching contact: 1 changeover switch

Programs:16 on/off each day or week

Hysteresis 2 sec/day (25°C)

Mini interval: 1min

Capacity: 16(8) 250V AC

Black-out: 60 days

Timer range: 1min~168hr

Recharge battery: 1.2V 40Ma

Average error: 1s/24h, 25°C

Weight: 0.15kg

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