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Full Body Safety Belts Outdoor Climbing Harness Construction in high Altitude Fall Protection Belt and Accessories for Work at Height

Product Code: Safety Belt
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  • Value, quality and reliability for working at height.
  • Large back plate for easy and efficient donning.
  • Contrasting leg and shoulder straps for quick donning.
  • Covered identification labels.
  • Size: Universal.

The ergonomic construction distributes pressure to keep you comfortable when climbing. For easy carrying the belt ...

Comfortable and easy to use: It is easy to carry and remove, adjust the harness with adjustable metal buckles and straps. Detachable buckles also make it easier to put on or take off the belt.

Safety First: High load capacity, all connections and straps are very sturdy with reinforced ends to protect your safety at all times ..

Easy to use: Easy to use, easy to carry and remove. Comfortable clothing is a good companion for your outdoor sports ..

Wide range of use: perfecting for mountaineering, tree climbing, indoor climbing, climbing, outbound, fire rescue, working on the higher level etc. Comfortable padding to ensure safety when climbing.

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