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Dish Lanka Satellite Superstore is your one stop shop for all your Satellite and Cable product needs.

We have the best prices on commercial and residential satellite and cable equipment.

We offer a full line of Satellite Meters, Cable Signal Meters and Testers. Satellite LNB, Multiswitches, Cable Tools, Coax Cable and Connectors, Satellite Dish Heaters. Everything you need to install a satellite or cable system.

Our mission is to add value to the consumer in Sri Lanka by disrupting the traditional retail space.

We at Dish Lanka give our customers the possibility of ordering from the largest selection of products at an attractive price.

Customer Service:

We believe that customers service matters and are always happy to assist you via phone, e-mail, social media or our live chat.


By clicking through a few pages you will be just a few steps away from receiving any product you wish directly to your home.


With a growing product range, you will have the possibility to choose the product that you are looking for.